Multiple images per variant

How to manage products that have multiple photos for each variant

Feature introduced in Story 3.2.0

Story can help you group multiple images and associate to individual product variants or sometimes known as variant image sets. The theme includes two different methods for you to manage and display multiple images per variant:

1. Product Siblings

With product siblings, you can group multiple products into one product which creates beautiful product detail pages that include image-based swatches for each variant and displays only the images for that variant. This method uses metafields and is our most robust solution.


2. Grouped image sets using alt-tags

Another option is to use Alt-tags with your product images. This method lets you group images by adding an alt-tag to each of the photos in your product setup that are associated to a variant.

How to use

Each method is covered in detail with the following pages:

pageAbout product siblingspageVariant image sets with alt-tags

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