Pre-order products

Story has built-in support to help with products that are sold as pre-orders

Story can modify the add-to-cart button to let your customers know they are purchasing a pre-order item:

Quick setup for experienced users

The most important part of setting up this metafield is to use the namespace and key of:


See the example here:

The Content type should be set to True or false.

Full detailed step-by-step setup

The first step is to define a custom metafield that Story theme supports.

Start in your Shopify Admin -> Settings and choose Metafields from the left panel and then click on Products (click images to zoom):


  • Click the Add definition button

  • type-in "preorder" for the Name

  • Change the Namespace and key from my_fields to theme. The namespace and key should now be: theme.preorder

Change to:



Add a description and choose Select content type.

Choose True or False:

Save your new product metafield. Now we can use this custom theme.preorder metafield with any of our products.

Product setup

Now that our custom metafield has been defined, we can easily configure any of our products to be set as a pre-order product.

The next and final step is to edit any of your products in the Shopify Admin -> Products and toggle the new preorder true or false metafield. Scroll to the bottom of the product setup page:

Products that are set to True will display a pre-order button on the product page:

Manually capture payments

Shopify recommends merchants manually capture payments for pre-orders. Here is an article from Shopify to help:

Please contact Shopify Support regarding payment capture options and settings.

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