Present your team members with social links and bio information

Story's Team section helps you quickly build card-style profiles of your staff or team members. Each team block has a series of elements to build custom profiles easily and quickly:


Add team blocks and configure the team member profile with any of the following:

  • Profile image

  • Name in heading format

  • Job title or sub-heading

  • Bio text

  • Social links with auto-generated icons and links

Social networks

A wide range of social links are included. These will automatically generate an icon for the social network. You can add up to three additional custom social networks with icons with links:

Section settings

Add an optional heading and text introduction. Customize additional section features like:

  • Team cards per row. There are scroll arrows when the slider is enabled.

  • Section background color

  • Enable slider or display by grid

  • Section width and padding

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