Story theme

Product badges

Promote products with your own custom badges or pre-built savings, and sold-out badges that are displayed on products in your collection listings or any product grid-style listing.
Story theme includes a set of pre-built badges to help you promote products and inform your customers when a product is out-of-stock. Story theme also provides you the capability to create your own custom product pages that you can assign to any individual product.
Explore the different types of product badges in Story and how to create your own custom versions:

Sale badge

Displays a Sale badge when items in a collection or product grid are currently discounted:
Sale badge
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Savings badge with discounted value or percent saved

Displays how much the customer is saving by dollar amount or savings by percent discounted.
Amount saved version:
Savings amount badge
Discount percent version:
Savings % badge
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Sold-out badge

Displays a sold-out badge for products that have zero value in inventory:
Sold out badge
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Custom badges

Displays custom text, build your own badges, and assign to different products:
Custom made "Best Seller" badge
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Badge settings and options

Find settings for all badges: