Story theme

Rich text

More than just text, loaded with icons, lists, and image blocks
Build beautiful text-based headings or quickly create sections with icons, lists, or images. The Rich text section is a Story's powerful multipurpose section with a wide range of blocks:
Multi-functional blocks can be used to design custom messages:
Choose from a range of block types:

Section settings

Use the section settings to configure the entire section including:
  • Text alignment
  • The background color of the section
  • Spacing width and padding

Block settings

Each block contains individual settings. Configure each one independently:
  • Icon block contains icon chooser and color:
Example of Icon block settings
  • The button block has button text, link, button size, button style, and color options:
Example of Button block settings
  • The heading block has the text field and text size options:
Use the options in each block type for a custom design.
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