Story theme

Contact form

Add a full-featured contact form with integrated FAQ questions
Build a simple or completely custom contact form with this section that includes blocks of many types of form elements. Include frequently asked questions with the accordion feature:
FAQ question are added the right column

Add anywhere

Add the section to the homepage, page templates, Product detail pages, blog posts, search pages, the 404 page, the cart page, and even context-specific sections.


Accordions are placed below the main contact for mobile devices:
Mobile view

Section settings

Use the section settings to configure:
  • Heading for the form
  • Heading for the accordion section
  • Section background color: Uses Story's color pallets in the Theme settings.
  • Section padding: Width, top, and bottom
Section settings


Story includes a wide range of form blocks to fully customize your contact form. Use the accordion block to add the FAQ-style questions and answers:
Contact section blocks

Form requirements

The email and message information is required for sending a Shopify contact form. All other form blocks are optional. Remember, you can add as many form blocks as needed like multiple checkboxes and blocks, and be positioned by sorting the block order.