Story theme

Custom badges

Promote products with your own custom badges that you create and assign to individual products
Story theme allows you to create your own unique product badges to associate with any of your products. When using Shopify's dynamic source feature (also known as metafields), you can create individual product badges for any of your products.
Example of custom badge call "Best Seller" assinged to a product
Once a badge metafield is defined (see instructions below), any of your products can display a custom badge. There are no limits to the number of badges you can create and use. All your products will be able to display a custom badge or use the built-in badges for sales and out-of-stock inventory.

How to setup

Quick setup for experienced users

The most important part of setting up this metafield is to use the namespace and key of:
See the example here:

Full detailed step-by-step setup

The first step is to define a custom metafield that Story theme supports.
Start in your Shopify Admin -> Settings and choose Metafields from the left panel and then click on Products (click images to zoom):
Under Metafields, click on Products
Use the Add definition button to begin
Choose the Add definition button to begin. Choose a name, we'll use badge. Next, we will use a custom namespace. This is required for custom badges. Change the default namespace from my_fields to theme
Change from my_fields to theme
Change to:
Don't skip this step
Add a description and choose Select content type.
Choose Text and we will use Single line text which is the default choice:
Choose Text for the Content type
Save your new product metafield. Now we can use this custom theme.badge metafield with any of our products.

Product setup

Now that our custom metafield has been defined, we can easily add a custom badge to any of our products.
The next and final step is to edit any of your products in the Shopify Admin -> Products and update the new badge metafield. Scroll to the bottom of the product setup page:
Product metafields are located at the bottom of the page
Update the Product badge metafield with the custom badge name:
Save your product and preview on any product grid view like Collection pages: