Overview of typography options under the Theme settings

With the Typography settings, you have the freedom to personalize the font styles, sizes, and letter casing for your entire store.


In this section, you can configure the font type and size for the headings used in the theme:

Body text

The theme primarily utilizes the body font as the main font type. Configure the font type and size here:

Accents & Numbers

Used primarily for product prices and sale prices:

The navigation section contains options to configure the font type, size, and style for the menu items in the navigation. The optional toolbar when used, is positioned above the navigation. The toolbar shares the same font type and font size settings.

  • Choose a font type for the menu items in the navigation and also toolbar.

  • Adjust the font size for the menu items and toolbar text.

  • The "Capitalize" checkbox can convert all menu items into uppercase when checked.

  • The toolbar text is not affected by this setting, only the menu items are changed.

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