Size Charts

Story can display custom size charts for each of your products or one chart for all products

Story includes a feature to display a pop-up size chart to help customers find the right size or fit. The styled link appears in the Product form above the add to cart button, making it easy for them to find and use before buying. The pop-up window can be dismissed easily by clicking outside or the close button.

To help you get started, there are two options when using the Size Chart feature in Story. The easiest is a static size chart, you simply choose one file as the pop-up page and that will instantly appear as a link on all your products using the same product template. This method is ideal if you want to quickly add a link and have products that can share one size chart page with various information.

The second option is to use custom or unique size chart pages for individual products. This method allows customers to see a different link on each product page. Ideal for splitting up Women's and Men's sizes or products are that different and require completely different sizing details.

How to set up a static size chart:

pageStatic size chart

How to set up unique or custom size charts for individual products:

pageUnique size charts

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