Static size chart

Display a pop-up size chart for all your products

Story can add a size chart link in the product form which helps customers easily find the right size or fit. When using a static size chart, the link will appear on all of your product pages using the same product template.

How to setup

If needed, expand the Product page section to view all the blocks. Click on Form to view Size Chart options:

The size chart popup feature in Story uses a page that's been created in the Shopify Pages editor. If you have already created a Shopify Page with your size chart information, simply choose that file by using the Select page button.

The title of your page becomes the link name in the product form. Customize the title in the Shopify Pages editor to reflect a change in the link name.

Save your changes after choosing a file.

All products in your store using the same product template will now display a link to the pop-up size chart.

Note: The Form block is renamed to the title of the page selected when using static size charts.

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