Story theme

Contact page

Story includes a rich contact form template which allows you to add custom form fields, FAQ accordions and helpful links.
Easily build a rich contact page for your brand:
Flexible form fields, accordions and link cards
FAQ accordions
Provide answers and information to the most frequently asked questions:
Add an Accordion block for each Question and Answer
Contact form elements
Easily add and position form fields in addition to the required Email and Message fields:
Add any combination of custom form fields
Helpful links
Add a card style Policy links section that can optionally link to other pages within your store or external:
Policy links section can be added to any page. Ideal for small bits of information and links
Provide helpful bits of information for your customers. Each card can also link to another page for further details.
How to:
Add the Policy links section to the current page. Then add, remove and sort policy blocks. Learn more about sections in Story theme:
Page navigation
Help customers navigate to related pages
Learn more about assigning custom page templates to your shop:
Learn more about Page navigation: