Newsletter popup

Powerful and interactive popup feature with ability to target different pages, sources and behavior

Display a customized newsletter popup message which can display a discount code or reward the customer with a discount code after subscribing. The newsletter popup can appear after a set period of time, can be displayed only on certain pages, and can also only be displayed if the customer arrives from a certain site (like a targeted ad on social media). Popup messages can also be targeted to display only on desktop or mobile devices.

Reward your customers with a discount code after signup

Provide a custom discount code for those who signup using the newsletter popup:

Add multiple newsletter theme blocks with different messages, different coupon codes, and also custom target behaviors

Popups can appear based on time or other behavior. Setting options include:

  • Show immediately

  • Show 10 seconds after page load

  • Show after user scrolls to the page bottom

  • Show after the user has been idle for 1 minute

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