Unique product tabs

Display custom unique product tabs or accordions on individual product pages

With unique product tabs, you can display custom content for each product in your store.

The basic steps are:

  • Create a product metafield for the tab text.

  • Add unique content to individual products in the metafield area.

  • in the Product description connect the tab text to the metafield as the dynamic source.

How to setup

Begin by creating a basic product metafield in your Shopify Settings:

Start in your Shopify Admin -> Settings and choose Metafields from the left panel and then click on Products (click images to zoom):

  • Provide a Name for your metafield. In our example, we'll use Water rating, this will be our tab content. Each watch will have a unique water rating. You can define metafield that relates to your products.

  • The default Namespace and key can be used. No modifications are needed.

  • Choose Text, Multi-line text for the Content type.

  • No validation is required.

Save the metafield definition.

Product setup

Now that we've created a product text metafield, we can easily add custom tab content to any of our products that require unique information.

The next step is performed in the Shopify Admin -> Products. Choose a product and scroll to the bottom where you'll find all the metafields. There will be a new Water rating option where we can add unique details to:

Add unique content to products that require that information. For products that don't have any information entered, the tab won't appear when viewing online.

Theme editor setup

The final step is to configure the Product page settings in Story, using the Theme editor. Click on Product description under Product page:

Next, under the Tab heading, add a title for the tab. We will use "Waterproof rating".

In the Tab text area, click on the Insert dynamic source icon:

Choose the metafield created, we'll use Water rating:

Use the Insert button at the bottom to connect and Save your changes.

Final result

The tab or accordion will only appear on products that have metafield content. Other products won't show a tab. Also, each product that has content populated will be unique.

Experiment with multiple tabs by creating metafields for each one. If you need more than five tabs/accordions, you can create metafields for the Tab title as well. That will allow you to assign a tab title in the product setup.

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