Currency format

Overview of the currency options under the Theme settings

With Story, you can exhibit the conversion rates of various currencies to your customers. After setting up the currencies on your Shopify Admin, you can utilize the Currency settings in the Theme settings to customize the display preferences.

Product card (Product grid)

You can toggle displaying the currency code for the Product card and other pages like the Product detail page with this setting:

  • Viewing the price and currency code can be ideal for shoppers that are from different countries.

Product detail page (Product template)

The same setting is used for pages like the Product detail page or search results:

The country/region selector in the toolbar and subfooter contain their own setting to display the full country name or smaller currency code.

Toolbar settings

The toolbar and subfooter language selectors use different settings. These have their own individual settings which are separate from the above global options:

Subfooter settings

Currency setup

To configure your store to use multiple currencies, use the Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Markets to set up which currencies your store will support. Conversions are done by Shopify and not the theme.

Note: Only stores using Shopify Payments can make Full use of this feature.

To learn more about currency markets, Shopify provides an article on their support site about their Markets feature:

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