Add location and map information to your storefront

This easy-to-use section enables you to build rich map sections to help your shoppers locate your stores and services. The two-column section can display your store or service information, plus an interactive map or a custom static image:

Interactive map

The Google Maps API feature lets shoppers interact with your location map:

Once you've added a valid API key, extra features will be available:

  • Google will automatically create the interactive map based on the address you provide.

  • The map style can be changed:

  • The default map zoom level can be set. Shoppers will have the ability to zoom in and out while interacting with the map.

  • A location correction feature is available where you can provide a Latitude and Longitude for overriding the map address.

  • Add a static image for fallback. If the Google API isn't working, the static image will be used in place of the interactive map.

Shopify provides information on how to obtain a Google API key:

Static map

A custom image option is available to display a map without having to use a Google API. Any image can be used here for a quick and simple map:

Tip: Take a screenshot from your favorite map app and upload that to your Shopify Files library. Edit the screenshot for best results.

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