Timeline with banner

Compact timeline strip to showcase key dates and events

Add a compact horizontal timeline that includes an optional overlay effect with an image banner:

Each timeline episode is added as a timeline block:


An optional mobile image can be used with the same overlay effect. The timeline episodes can be scrolled with touch swipes.

Choose colors

The section settings include color options for:

  • Background color for the banner and timeline

  • Color of the dates which are overlayed over the banner. Or when used without a banner.

  • Text color of the timeline episodes

Standalone timeline

The horizontal timeline strip can be used without the banner image and added anywhere on your page to create a different style:

In this example, we've used a different image banner section and added the timeline strip below. This removes the overlay effect and adds spacing. The strip can be combined with any of the sections in Story.

To use separately, uncheck "Enable image overlay" option in the section settings.

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