Elegant image gallery section for lookbooks and more

Quickly build an image gallery utilizing Story's design language. The Gallery section is an easy-to-build section that includes many features to customize the layout. Use multiple gallery sections to combine different layout styles:

Create different layouts by choosing the number of images shown in each section:

Section settings

  • The "Scale images" option will evenly size images in the row:

  • The "Space images" checkbox can be used to toggle spacing between images on the same row:

  • Use section top and bottom padding to adjust the padding between sections.

Block settings

The gallery images are interactive. When a shopper clicks on a gallery image, a fully zoomed version of the image can be displayed or alternatively, a YouTube or Vimeo video can be shown:


  • Keep the "Link" field blank to use the image zoom feature:


  • To display a popup YouTube or Vimeo video, add the URL address for the video in the "Link" field:

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