Add a quick and simple newsletter sign-up form to any page

Story includes a few different methods to add a newsletter sign-up option to your shop. The newsletter form collects the customer's email address and tags them in your customer base with Accepts Marketing. When linked with Newsletter apps, you can target these customers with updates.

When you need a simple newsletter sign-up section, this is an ideal option with very little to configure. The design can be used to break up sections on long pages or to simply have a minimal option:

Section settings

Use the Section settings to customize:

  • Heading for the section

  • Main text information

  • A success message for signing up. You can include a coupon code here.

  • Section colors

  • Button color and style

Additional settings

You can use the Content Editor to update the default text for the Newsletter:

Change the default text for any of the following:

  • Placeholder email address (

  • The submit button text (Join)

  • The success response message (used only if the section setting is left blank)

  • The error response message

How to access the content editor

To open the Content Editor, you can click on the ellipsis icon at the top in the Theme Customizer and then choose Edit default theme content:

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