Collection marbles

Circular list of collections with a wide range of customization

Promote your collections with a modern marble-styled list of collections:

Marbles can be customized to be displayed in various formats:

Section settings

  • Marbles can be stacked or displayed in a slider.

  • Customize how many per row for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Adjust the image width setting for smaller to larger marbles.

  • The shape can be toggled between circles and rounded corners.

  • Adjust the section spacing to add padding above and below and section width.

Block settings

Each marble is a collection block. Customize each block with:

  • Collection to promote.

  • Override the collection name. Use a different name for the marble.

  • Override the collection image. Choose any image for the marble.

  • Override the collection link. Link to any page.

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