Static product tabs

Display store-wide information instantly on all product pages using tabs or accordions

When you want to display information quickly on all your product pages, static product tabs/accordions are ideal and simple to add. A good example might be a return or warranty policy, shipping information, or payment options.

How to setup

If needed, expand the Product page section to view all the blocks. Click on Product description to view Tab style options:

Use the Tab style drop-down and choose Tabs or Accordions:

Choose None to deactivate tabs or accordions

Static tabs or accordions are simply created by filling out the Tab heading and Tab text fields. You can add up to five additional tabs or accordions in addition to the main description tab which appears first:

Leave the Tab heading blank to hide a tab or to mark it as unused.

Save the changes and now all your products will display the new tab content you've entered. If you're using multiple product templates, each template can store different tab styles and content.

For unique content on each product page:

pageUnique product tabs

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