Adding a section

Add Story's professionally designed sections to the homepage, product pages, and other pages

Story supports Shopify's Online Store 2.0 which enables you to add sections everywhere. Here are some basic tips for adding sections to the homepage, product pages, and other pages.


Scroll towards the bottom, above Footer and Theme settings. Choose Add section:

Tip: Click on Show More to view additional sections. Story comes with over 25 sections:

Product pages

Additional sections can be added to the default product template. Special sections like Recently viewed products and Product recommendations are ideal for product pages. Add additional sections to help customers navigate to more products, services, or information. Navigate to any product page or choose the default product template. Use Add section:

When adding sections to the default product template, the sections and their content will appear on all your product pages.

To provide unique content for certain products, create a new template and assign a product to that template. Then customize the new template.

Tip: Create new templates on the live published theme in order for them to appear as options in your product setup. Templates created in draft themes won't appear as options in the main product setup.

Another method to display unique section content is to use metafields. Many sections will have an option to use Shopify's insert dynamic source feature. This will allow you to add unique content into section fields. Experiment with product tabs that use metafields to learn how unique content can be used with products:

Other pages

Navigate to any page on your site or choose any template from the top drop-down. Choose Add section:

When adding a section to a certain template. The same content will appear on all pages that are also using the same template.

Unique section content

To build pages and merchandise your store with unique section content, you can build new templates based on an existing template. For example, you can create additional templates such as a new page template or collection template and then assign a page or collection to that new template. This will allow you to create multiple pages with different content.

Experiment with creating and customizing new templates in the Theme Editor. Remember, after creating a new template, be sure to assign that template to a certain page, collection, or product.

For example, create a new collection template to display a different layout and include different sections. Then in the Shopify Admin under Products -> Collections, choose your collection and assign the newly created template to that collection.

Tip: Create new templates on the live published theme in order for them to appear as template options in your Shopify Admin. This is a Shopify Platform restriction. Always make new templates on the live published theme and not in draft themes.

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