Story theme


Metafield editor
Feature introduced in Story 3.2.0
The first required metafield is theme.cutline
The content type is: Text, Single line text.
This metafield is used for both the swatch label and subtitle for the product which helps with identifying the color version of the current product:
Start by defining a Products metafield and name it Cutline. Then change the Namespace from my_fields to theme:
Important step: Rename my_fields to theme
Next, add a description. You can use Cutline again. Then click on Select content type and choose Text, Single line as the type:
Save the definition.

Check the saved metafield

Your final metafield should look like this:
Please ensure you change the Namespace and key to this custom version for Story: theme.cutline By default, the namespace begins with my_fields. This will need to be changed to theme
The content type is Text and style is Single line text.

Next step

We require a second metafield to be defined: