Story theme

Timeline tree

Add a beautiful timeline tree to showcase key dates and events
Story makes it simple to build a visually stunning timeline tree. Tell your shoppers about your key product dates and events. Add timeline blocks to build the tree.

Create a heading

Combine the Timeline tree section with a Rich Text section to build a custom heading:

Timeline events

Customize the timeline blocks for each event. Options include:
  • Event heading
  • Optional thumbnail image. A timeline dot will be used if no image is selected.
  • Date or subheading
  • Event details, rich text information
  • Link options if needed
Timeline tree without images:

Section settings

Configure the section settings to customize the style and layout of the entire timeline:
Page width narrow for centered timeline
Changing the Width from Page width narrow to Page width will align the timeline to the left providing more room for details:
Page width for left alignment


The timeline tree is scrollable on mobile devices and uses the entire width to display the tree: