Policy links

Card-style information content to help shoppers

Story includes a quick and simple way to include information with links in this card-stye section. Add policy blocks to help customers find key information about your services and present them on contact pages, product pages, and more:

Section settings

Use the section settings to configure:

  • Heading for the section.

  • The icon size for all blocks.

  • The background color for the section.

  • Section width and padding.

Block settings

Each policy block can be configured to have:

  • Card heading.

  • Card text, the main information.

  • Heading link, which is activated when the shopper hovers over the card.

  • Card icon. Select from a large list of professionally made icons or use your own custom image.

  • Icon color.


Story will balance the height of the row automatically to fit the content of the largest card:

You can use the background color option to hide the shape of the card by matching that with the card color:

  • This will remove the shape of the cards as they blend with the background.

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