Enable container

Use full-width or contained homepage sections in Story

Full-width sections including Image with text (banner) and slideshow will expand to the full size of desktop browsers.

To contain these sections and match with sections that are not full-width, you can use the Enable container option in the Layout settings.

Full-width banner

Example of full-width sections combined with regular sections:

The difference may seem subtle on smaller or regular screens, they are more pronounced with large or wide displays and when scrolling through the homepage.

When contained, the full-width images match the size of other sections:

Example of contained homepage sections:

All sections are equal width

Full-width sections that can be contained:

  • Announcement bar

  • Header area

  • Navigation

  • Footer

  • Image with text overlay (banner)

  • Video section

  • Slideshow section

  • Timeline section


How to use

To enable contained sections, use the checkbox found in the Layout settings under Theme settings: