Story theme
Story v3

How to use sections

Discover features and customization options with Story theme's sections
Story comes complete with 25+ professional theme sections to help you merchandise your online store. Sections can be added to any page on your store.
Discover the complete range of sections and their settings. Experiment by adding different types of sections and section blocks to the homepage and the other pages within your store
Image sections
Product sections
Text sections
Special sections
Image with text
Image with text overlay (hero banner)
Logo list
Overlapping images
Text columns with images
Timeline with image
Collection list
Featured collection
Featured product
Recently viewed products
Accordion group
Basic text
Custom text
Text columns with images
Blog posts
Contact form
Custom Liquid (for app snippets or Liquid code)
Policy links
Timeline tree
These sections can be place on any page including:
  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Collection pages and Collection list
  • Blog index and Blog posts
  • Shopify pages
  • 404 error page, Search page, Password page
  • Cart page

Section settings

To find the primary settings for each section, click on the section name to view the settings panel. These settings are used to configure the section. Many sections contain blocks within. These blocks will have their own individual settings.
Customize how the entire section looks and behaves
Wider desktops screens will display the settings panel on the right side of your screen:
Browsers 1600px and wider will place the settings on the right
Helpful when adding new sections as they appear at the bottom of your section list.
Sections contain content and settings. Experiment with different section types to add rich content on the homepage and all pages within your site. Use the settings to adjust behavior and layout.