Page navigation

Adding a sub-navigation option to the page template is a simple but effective way to tell your story off the homepage.

Navigating through brand pages:

Engage your customers with rich page templates

Page links can connect your customer to any location of your site including products, collection, blog posts and even external sites

How to use

Page navigation options appear on these page templates:

  • Lookbook

  • Team

  • Timeline

  • Contact page

Start by creating a new menu in your Shopify Admin under Navigation:

Add menu items which you want to appear on your page navigation

In the Theme Editor, navigate to each page that will use your new Page navigation and choose the menu under Secondary page navigation.

Example adding to Secondary page navigation:

Timeline page

Find the Secondary navigation option under these sections:

Contact us page - Page navigation section
Lookbook page - Lookbook section
Team page - Team page section
Timeline page - Story page section

For best resutls, keep a simple secondary page navigation menu to keep customers focused on key brand pages.