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Story 2.0 feature
Add custom badges using metafields in Story 2:
Each product can have a custom and unique badge when using metafields.

How to setup


The most important part of setting up this metafield is use the namespace and key of:
See example here:

Detailed version

Start in your Shopify Admin -> Settings and choose Metafields from the left panel and then click on Products:
Choose the Add definition button:
Next, add a Name for the metafield, any name is fine. The namespace and key must be modified. Be sure to change from the default entry:
Change the default Namespace and key
Change to:
Don't skip this step
Add a description and choose Select content type.
Choose Text and then Single line text:
Single line text:
Save your new product metafield. Verify that the metafield is called:

Product setup

The final step is to edit any of your products in the Shopify Admin -> Products and update the new badge metafield. Scroll to the bottom of the product setup page:
Update the Product badge metafield with the custom badge name:
Save your product and preview on any product grid view like Collection pages:
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