How do I download the latest version of Story theme?

The current version of Story is v1.0.3, if you're running your shop on an older version, you can download the latest version for free to update your shop. 

New in Story 1.0.3

Minor fixes including:

  • Payment buttons turned on by default in footer.
  • Full width search bar.
  • Footer logo resolution changed.

Example of full width search bar:

Previous version:


When you download the latest version, that will be a separate theme that you can configure and prepare before publishing. Your current theme isn't affected by downloading the latest version of Story. The new theme will be installed as a draft theme, your live theme remains the same (safe from this download). 

How to update your theme:

General instructions by Shopify:
How to update your theme

Here's a direct link to Story in the Theme Store:
Story Theme Download

Be sure you've done the following:

  1. Create a backup copy of your existing theme.
  2. Visit the Shopify Theme Store and log in. For paid themes, it is important to log in to the account that you used to buy the theme. This will prevent you from being asked to buy the theme again.
  3. Click Add latest theme version or Add theme.

Tip: You must be logged-in to the account that purchased the original theme.

After downloading the new version of Story

Use these tips to migrate your homepage settings and current theme settings to the new updated theme:

Migrate your homepage settings and theme settings

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