Story theme: Filter collections by tag

In Story, you can create powerful collection filters for your collection pages using tags:

When you tag your products with characteristics of the products, you can build filter tag groups in the theme. 

Here's an example of the the 2016 Chardonnay:

It's been tagged with estate, chardonnay and 2016. These tags will help us create groups for the following:

Tier, Varietal and Year. 

Example of another product with one common tag:

The common tag is the year 2016. We'll compare how the filter groups will work with these two products. Both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir appear if the year 2016 is chosen in the filter options:

You'll notice the other years are crossed out. That means only the year 2016 products are shown. You can choose multiple tags in each group:

That means you're asking to show products that have both 2015 and 2016 tags attached to a singular product. In our setup, each product has only one year tag so the results will be no products. 

If we add Chardonnay tag under Varietal plus the 2016 tag, the Pinot will not match and only the 2016 Chardonnay is available:

Observe that Estate is in bold and Reserve is crossed out. That means the result product(s) has the Estate tag and no products with Reserve are available. 

In this next result, both the Estate and Reserve options are available:

How to setup filter groups:

In the Theme Editor under Collection page settings:

Turn on Filter collections by tag and begin by choosing Add tab grouping:

Choose a Group name. Add your tags for this group, each one separated by a comma:

You can create filter groups for all your collections here. In the above example, we created groups for wine products. If the store has a collection for clothing, then the clothing collection will only display filter groups that pertain to that collection. 

When you view a collection page, if the products in the collection have tags that match a filter group you've created, then only that filter group will be displayed. For example, the clothing collection won't show any of the wine filter groups. 

For that reason, create as many filter groups here as needed. Be sure to tag all your products to match the filter groups you're creating. Test your results to verify the group setup is correct and your products have the correct tags. 

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