Story theme: Product stickers

Story theme includes product stickers that you can apply to product grid views. Example of a Sale sticker:

How-to activate:

You can turn on and control product tags under General settings and then Product grid:

In the Product grid settings you'll find the Product Tags section to configure:

How to change the sticker color:

Under Theme settings, Colors:

The Primary accents color setting is used to set the background color of the stickers:

Sale stickers:

To ensure the sale sicker is displayed, there are two requirements:

  1. The setting is turned on in the Product grid, Product tags section.
  2. Verify that your product has a higher price in the Compare at price field in your product setup:

Compare at price on the right must be higher than the price on the left.

Sold out stickers:

When activated, the Sold out sticker will appear if the product's inventory level is at zero:

If you have a product with multiple variants, all variants must have zero inventory available in order to display the Sold out sticker. If any items have inventory, the sticker will not appear. 


New stickers:

To ensure the New product sticker is displayed. You'll need to activate the option in Product grid, Product tags section. Set the Days slider to a value you like:

Example of New sticker:

In your product setup, the Product availability date determines the age of the product:

The current date and time is set by default when the product is created. If you need to change the published date, you can adjust the value to date/time in the future. At the time of writing this article, Shopify doesn't allow you to set the date in the past. Contact Shopify Support if you need assistance with modifying the published date. The theme has not control over this setting and how it operates as it's part of your Shopify admin which is separate from the theme. 

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