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Migrating your settings
Tips for copying your current theme settings to a new version of Story
After downloading the latest theme version from the Shopify Theme Store, you can begin setting up the new version without interrupting your live store.
The new theme is added to your Theme Library which is a list of unpublished themes. You can setup and prepare themes from the Theme Library without affecting your live theme. When you publish a theme from the Theme Library, it then becomes your live theme. The previous live theme moves down into the Theme Library.
Here are some tips to help you copy your current live theme settings over to the new version of Story that you've added from the Shopify Theme Store.
Video: How to copy current theme settings to new theme version:
Using the Code Editor, you can copy your main theme settings over
Shopify keeps all your products, collections, pages, blogs and blog posts, images, product images and videos, navigation menus, customer information, orders, store preferences and settings on their systems. When you add a new theme or updated version, it won't modify those assets. The new theme is a presentation layer on top of your store to help display your brand and merchandise the look and feel of your store, the customer experience.
Your settings_data.json file stores your homepage sections and theme settings you've chosen in the Theme Editor for your store. This will save you time in choosing colors, fonts and all the homepage sections that you've built and set in Story theme.
App installations and any code customizations are not included in settings_data.json
Please refer to individual app developers for support and guidance when adding their apps into any theme including theme updates.
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