Story theme
Image with text overlay
Banner image with headline, message and call to action
Captivate your visitors with single image storefront banner. Image with text overlay brings your brand photography to the forefront.


Heading, subheading text is placed directly over your brand image allowing search engines to index your storefront.


Heading, subheading text and call to action button are placed over the image with several alignment options, colors and card-style background style:
Primary and accent colors options can helpful for key messaging:
Remove transparent background to show card-style text area
Mobile tip: Choose Image height for the section height and uncheck parallax scroll to display the entire image on mobile devices. The image will not be cropped with both these settings
When the entire image is needed for mobile devices
When image height is used, wide images will have less room for heading and subheading on mobile. Choose a larger height setting in increase your text area for mobile devicse. Place the main subject in the middle/center of your image for best results.

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