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Introducing Story, a theme for brands with a prominent story.
Story is about helping merchants quickly and easily build a store front with design elements to make even the simplest photography standout. Story includes design features in homepage sections and beautiful page templates.

Sections with design

Reviews allow prospective customers to see the best of a brand from a third party perspective. Sharing the praise of others is a simple and powerful way to strengthen the brand.
Story uses a timeline format to tell the brand story. Each event is a block with a date, title, text and an optional small format photo. Discover visual timeline storytelling with an easy to use home page section or page template
Showcase the team behind your story. Story uses headshots to help connect your brand with the people behind it. Headshots and names are complimented by optional bios and social links.

Powerful pages

Sometimes the homepage isn't the best place to tell the brand story. The Story theme uses alternate templates, sections, and a secondary navigation option to allow merchants to tell a detailed brand story off the home page.
Page Navigation
Adding a sub-navigation option to the page template is a simple but effective way to empower merchants to tell their story off the homepage.
Timeline and Team
The timeline and team sections are also included as beautiful alternate templates -- allowing merchants to build purpose-specific pages that are common to most e-commerce businesses with a strong and admirable story.
Story includes a section-based page template with blocks for typography, color, products, collages, imagery and text that can be configured like a Lookbook -- telling the story of a product by showing it in use and tastefully linking to the product page.
Dedicated support and contact page
Admirable brands speak directly their customers and address their concerns. Story includes a page template with sections for the contact form, FAQ, and policies -- like warrantee and returns. The contact form is a section where each field is a configurable block. The accordion FAQ is a section with blocks for each title and text block. The final piece is a dedicated section for summarizing warrantee and return policies -- linking to the full standard terms pages in all its legal glory. Each policy block is an icon, a title and a block of summary text and a link to the legal document.

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Lookbook page template
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Timeline page template
Tell your story with a visual timeline page:

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