Product stickers

Add sticker style product tags to collection items

Story includes product stickers which you can apply to product grid views. Example of a sale sticker:

How to Activate

In the Theme Editor, under General settings and then Product grid, choose the sticker types you wish to display:

Product tags is located within Product grid settings

Modifying Sticker Colors

The Primary accents color setting is used to set the background color of the stickers:

Theme settings -> Colors

Sale Stickers

Compare at price should be higher than Price value

To ensure the sale sicker is displayed, there are two requirements:

  1. The setting is turned on in the Product grid, Product tags section.

  2. Verify that your product has a higher price in the Compare at price field in your product setup:

Sold Out Stickers

When activated, the Sold out sticker will appear if the product's inventory level is at zero:

If any variant has inventory, the sold out sticker will not appear

This item contains a variant with inventory

New Sticker

Highlight products you've recently added to your collection.

Active in Theme settings -> Product grid

New products are based on when a product becomes available to sell in your online store.

Newly created and active products will appear with the sticker