Story theme - Add rating stars below price on product pages

When using the Shopify Ratings app, you can add their star widget code to display rating stars below the price on your product pages. 

How to:

1 - From the snippets folder, open product-form.liquid

2. Below the title and price code, around line 22, make a few blank lines to add the Shopify Ratings app widget code:

Code to add:

<div class="text-right">
	<span class="shopify-product-reviews-badge" data-id="{{ }}"></span>  

Example after adding code:

Save the file:

3. Add additional style code to hide zero star ratings:

CSS style code to hide zero star ratings:

/* -- code to remove zero based ratings for Shopify App -- */
.spr-badge[data-rating="0.0"] {
    visibility:hidden; display: none;
/* - end - */

Use this link to learn where exactly to add this code snippet:

Where to add your CSS style code

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