How to use the Layout settings in Story theme to expand certain elements to full-width

Story theme by has a layout setting which allows you to expand the width of the theme for the header, navigation, footer and certain homepage sections when viewing on wide desktop screens. 

By default the Enable container setting is turned on. When you turn off the feature, many elements in the theme will be displayed wider:

The setting is found under Theme settings and then Layout:

Enable container - Uncheck to expand the width:


The container setting will allow the following elements to be expanded:

  • Announcement bar
  • Header area
  • Navigation
  • Footer
  • Image with text overlay (banner) section
  • Video section
  • Slideshow section
  • Timeline section

Other sections have a wrapper which keeps a certain amount of padding on the left and right sides to keep the content uniform and clean. The title background and section background color will expand while the content is displayed with padding. These sections won't stretch out to full-width as they use wrapper padding:

  • Blog posts section
  • Collection list
  • Featured collection
  • Image with text
  • Logo list
  • Featured product
  • Newsletter
  • Instagram feed
  • Map
  • Page
  • Rich text
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Text column with images

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