Story sections: Timeline settings

The timeline feature in Story allows you to add content blocks of text and images that can be scrolled horizontally. Here are a few setting options you can use to modify how the timeline is displayed. 

Overlay images

When turned on, the timeline images can be placed over the previous section:

If unchecked, the entire section will begin below the previous section:

Show image border

Turning on the image border will add a frame around each image to help stand out over some backgrounds:

Content blocks

Each timeline content block can contain none, one or two images:

The Heading is placed below the image(s) followed by text description. 

When both a link and link URL are provided:

A clean text link is displayed below the text description:

Use the add timeline option to create additional timeline content blocks:

With horizontal scrolling, you can display as many content blocks as needed. To sort the position of each timeline block, use the handle icon on the right and drag-n-drop to the order you like. 


On desktop, the timeline can be scrolled through using the left and right chevron arrows:

For mobile devices, touch swipe gestures are used to navigate forwards and backwards. Story will show a portion of the next timeline content block which will help indicate there is more content.  

Minimal timeline example

For a simple horizontal text scrolling section, try each timeline content block without images:

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