Story theme: Transparent header and navigation

Story has a transparency option for the main header. You can activate and set the opacity in the Header section settings of the theme. 


When you hover over the header and navigation area, the background turns to a solid color to help display the navigation:

Once you leave the header and navigation area, the header returns to the transparent display:

How to:

In the Theme Editor, turn on transparency in the Header section settings:

Using a light color logo with transparency over dark background

When you have a dark background image and would like to use a light colored logo with transparency:

Assign a darker version of your logo as the main logo which will then be used on the hover effect:

In the header settings, use the dark version of the logo as the regular logo:

Use the light color logo as the Transparent logo image. 

This will be used over the dark background and the dark logo will be used for the hover effect without transparency allowing your customers to easily read your header and navigation items. 

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