Story page templates: Team

In Story, there are additional page templates you can use for certain page styles. Here are some tips for creating a Team page which highlights people. Example of team page template:

Each team member can have their own profile and links. 

To begin, be sure you have a page that is using the template:

The title of the page (1) will be used as the heading and the description (2) as the introduction:

In the Theme Editor (Customize Theme), browse to the team page you've created. The best method to add that page to your main navigation and then use the navigation link in the Theme Editor to view your team page. 

Once you've reached the team page in the Theme Editor, the left section options will show:

Click on Team page to start adding your Team Members:

Add as many Team Members as you like. The mobile version will display a smaller thumbnail of each member profile:

Once you click on a profile, the detailed version is displayed: 

To reorder members, use the six-dot handle icon on the right to drag-and-drop members into the sort position you like:

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